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250 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013

"All my life I have been surrounded by art, whether it was the door handle to my room or a huge sculpture looking down on me while I was watching television. At first I didn’t notice anything special happening to me, in fact I rejected art because I felt like it was something that got in the way between my father and me. (My father is the artist Julian Schnabel.) I turned to the world of sports which was more comfortable for me. As I was getting taller I’d go to the driving range at Chelsea Piers and hit five irons for a couple of hours. I turned my back on art but when I turned my back it was still on the other side of me. I guess it’s like an incubator, something you’re growing inside of or maybe it’s growing alongside of you and for me it was just a matter of time before I looked at it and said WOW, that’s kind of interesting. In much the same way I think art is like an incubator for the artist, not always able to see the outside of what their work means or where it’s going. The work in this show has been a seed to me, something alive. This exhibition consists of images and works that are personal to me. The artists vary in age, nationality, and approach. I’ve never seen all of this work together but when my friend Scott Resnick offered me the use of his space for a month, it was a great opportunity I didn’t want to miss. I wanted to see what it would look like. There is work in this show that was made in the '70s, and work that was made yesterday, it’s all in the present." 

-Vito Schnabel 

The exhibition will be open November 5 - November 29, Monday through Saturday from 10am-5pm.