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Inside Vito Schnabel’s Gallery Opening in St. Moritz

“Bruno & Yoyo” by Urs Fischer at the Vito Schnabel Gallery 
(Photo by Stefan Altenburger Photography Zürich, Courtesy of Vito Schnabel Gallery and the artist) 

Without doubt, Vito Schnabel is one of the most hyped personalities in today’s art world. Despite the fact that he is the son of celebrated artist Julian Schnabel, Vito is known for his extraordinary sense for contemporary art and the successful art projects he curated. At the age of 16, in 2003, he presented his first exhibition followed by numerous shows at international key locations. 

And on December 28, 2015, just before New Year’s Eve and the buzzing Holiday Season in the Swiss Alps, the New York-based art curator opened his first permanent gallery space, the Vito Schnabel Gallery in St. Moritz. With his inaugural exhibition “Bruno & Yoyo” by Swiss artist Urs Fischer, Schnabel pays homage to his mentor, Bruno Bischofberger, from whom Vito Schnabel took over the gallery space at Via Maistra. 

“Bruno is one of the most important art dealers of our time” Vito Schnabel said. “The manner in which he operates his gallery and works so closely with his artists has always been inspiring to me. I admire as well his passion for collecting art. I am extremely honored he is giving me this opportunity.” 

The highlight of “Bruno and Yoyo” is a life-size wax sculpture of Bruno Bischofberger and his wife, Yoyo. Fischer’s candle sculptures are an exciting representation of a waxwork that will dramatically melt over time and will allow the viewer to experience the sculptures in various stages. The exhibition will run throughout January 31, 2016. 

It wouldn’t be Vito Schnabel, if there wasn’t another surprise for the artsy crowd of the gallery opening party in St. Moritz, waiting around the corner: the art patron also brought Sterling Ruby’s famous “Stoves” to the Swiss ski resort. Two working, wood-burning stoves are shown inside a garden area of the luxury Hotel Kulm, which is located right across the street of the gallery space. 

Rough stoves in chic St. Moritz, with stunning Alpine views—an interesting contrast that not only reflects Ruby’s expression of art, but also gives a fresh touch to the “undisturbed” neighborhood. The public offsite installation will run throughout March 27, 2016. 

The gallery and its shows set new statements for the St. Moritz art scene and continue Schnabel’s commitment to supporting and showcasing living artists.