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Exterior installation view of Tom Sachs' Building #3

Installation view of Tom Sachs' Building #3 at The Bridge, Bridgehampton, New  York, 2018.

© Tom Sachs; Photo by Joshua White; Courtesy the Artist and Vito Schnabel Gallery

Among the dozens of contemporary art expos on the global fair circuit, The September Art Fair at The Bridge—which just completed its second edition last weekend—stands out for a number of reasons. To start, it’s an outdoor art fair free from the confines of the exhibition center, with blue-chip galleries hanging works in storage containers, jerry-rigged to provide ample lighting. And it’s not just any outdoor location: It’s held on the sand dunes of a golf course with a one-time $1 million membership fee and annual dues and taxes that top $80,000 per year, a location that makes it impossible to detect from the surrounding roads. And unlike other art fairs, the public cannot buy tickets—attendance is by invitation only.

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