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Ariana Papademetropoulos (b. 1990, Los Angeles) received her BFA in 2012 from California Institute of Arts with a minor in Cultural Studies. She also studied at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. Papademetropoulos is known for exploring the psychological effects of interiors and domestic spaces. Evoking a sense of shifting realities and parallel worlds, she depicts dream-like hyperreal scenes of lavish rooms that are often eerily empty of human presence. The surface of her imagery is usually ruptured by a large, soft-focus watermark or spill that introduces alternate dimensions of dazzling color. By piercing the illusion of her own underlying composition, Papademetropoulos captures the experience of awakening from a vivid but elusive dream, to find oneself still teetering between parallel realities. Rooted in hyperrealism, Papademetropoulos’ art implores illusion to collapse realities into surreal tableaux of flux, transience, and contradiction. Her canvases hold space for both reality and fantasy, for the impossible and possible to collide or coexist.

Papademetropoulos’ work has been exhibited in the US and in different locations internationally, including at Jeffrey Deitch, Los Angeles, CA; Manifesta, Marseille, FR; Wilding Cran Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Soft Opening, London, UK; Annarumma Gallery, Naples, IT; and The Breeder, Athens, GR. In 2014, Papademetropoulos co-curated and participated in the group exhibition Veils, which was held at The Underground Museum in Los Angeles. 

Papademetropoulos lives and works in Los Angeles.